Raelians around the world have celebrated the first femininity day in colorful ways.

08 Mar, 2005
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Women�s day is fine but let�s go one step further and celebrate femininity day

Sf Fem Day The women's movement represents a mile stone in women's history where commanding women leaders fought hard battles to better women's conditions paying the price of their precious femininity as they had to act like men to be heard in a world ruled by men. Today, our world ruled by masculinity is on the verge of destroying itself and women acting masculine to reach their purpose will only make matters worse.

Women now have a fundamental duty to society, the one of fully expressing their femininity, as it is the only antidote to aggression and violence. Women must continue to inspire themselves from the leadership skills of men to spread Femininity to all fibers of society from schools, to businesses, to governments so this delicate, refined expression of intelligence becomes the most honored, revered, praised and taught of all human qualities among the peoples of Earth and especially among men whose natural inherent femininity has been severely impaired by society.