The Roman Empire Revisited

27 Jun, 2009
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It’s no secret that the world is watching, waiting to see how the current economic situation will unfold.

PyramidIt’s no secret that the world is watching, waiting to see how the current economic situation will unfold. The United States is starting to face the fact that the US dollar is falling – and the possibility that it may not be the most accepted currency worldwide much longer. The West, who has enjoyed $trillions from its colonialism is starting to face a new reality – they are starting to no longer enjoy the monopoly on forming global economic policies.

As far back as the mid 90’s, the Prophet Rael had warned against the Colonialist/ Imperialistic policies of the West even saying that many of the policies would likely lead the economic giants into a position all too reminiscent of the Roman Empire. At that time he even warned that the US, thanks to its Imperialism, would be unable to maintain its economic empires and that it would likely crumble under the burden of its own weight.

More recently, economists cannot help but notice the fact that high-profile countries like Iran are eerily devoid of the once globally recognized icons like McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, Coca-Cola, thus also empty of the Capitalistic Giant which bore them.

This week the Prophet Rael reminded the world once again “Soon the continued colonial policies of the West against Middle East, South American and African countries will become powerless and countries of the West will find themselves commercially and financially boycotted. And that will accelerate the crash of occidental economies and the rise of Asian powers. The time of embargo against poor countries not complying with occidental views will soon be finished, and then Asian, Middle East, South American and African countries will be able to unite to create embargoes against ex imperialist colonial powers, as well as replacing the dollar with other currencies. Then with very few natural resources, very expensive labor due to socialist policies and very expensive military forces to maintain, the occidental powers will fall dawn in a recession which will make it look like the third world. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the occidental empire is coming soon and will be much more severe due to an overpopulation which didn’t exist in the time of Roman supremacy.”

It’s already starting to happen. Asian and Indian companies are filling the economic vacancies left by the West. How could Iran and other countries not look to others than the US for trade after the economic sanctions imposed upon them since the 70’s? It’s true that some of these sanctions were justified in the name of human rights but many of these sanctions only worsened the human condition and were only put in place in order to feed the Western Military-Industrial complex…the new Rome.

And the world knows what happened to the Empire which was Rome.

Finally, an interesting perspective on the world economy: As The Elohim told Rael in 1973, so long as there is one nation’s currency being used over another there will be inequality and the “winners”, that is the country whose currency is used, will naturally do all they can to maintain their economic power over weaker nations. In order to be fair and just, we need to immediately adopt one worldwide currency (something more and more economists are starting to discuss 35 years later) – and even this currency will be just a short, temporary fix until we quickly evolve into a worldwide society without money. Want to know how that will happen? :-)Read “Intelligent Design” as well as Rael’s other books. (All are free downloads here)
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