More warnings about overpopulation

23 Sep, 2009
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A recent article in the growing number of comments on overpopulation was posted on a site we like.

OverpopulationA recent article in the growing number of comments on overpopulation was posted on a site we like. (www.rense.com) The author was saying that the U.S. population is in denial, completely unaware of the danger it faces regarding overpopulation. One example given was ".The Mississippi River spews millions of gallons of toxic water into the Gulf of Mexico 24/7 to create a 10,000 square mile dead zone. Toxins include fertilizer runoff, insecticides, herbicides, household wastes, sewage and a host of chemicals. Vertebrates cannot live in it, thus, our poisons created a dead ocean area. As humans' ultimate toilet, worldwide, our oceans suffer horrific consequences to marine life, plankton and fisheries."
The author went on to say that this overpopulation problem for the U.S. is due to the millions of immigrants every year who come to live in the U.S
To that, the Prophet Rael said "This article is of course true, but it's not by reducing immigration that you save the planet, but by decreasing human reproduction everywhere by promoting birth control, abortion and making incitement to reproduce - like those contained in the Bible and other religious books, or speeches by the Catholic pope - a crime against Humanity."
To explain more on this extremely important topic and why Rael makes such a strong statement here: As the decades progress, we see that more and more people are waking up to what scientists and above-average minds have been saying about the dangers of overpopulation. Every year, scientists offer more evidence of the depletion of the beautiful Earth's natural resources. Today alone, we saw at least 5 articles on the topic and all scientists are saying "less kids". Worse, we see TV ads late at night asking us to donate and help the millions of starving children in these countries which are facing famine - yet who continue to have children. This cruel situation must be faced if we are to be defined as intelligent beings. There is no avoiding that. To put it a different way, how intelligent is it to keep having children when we cannot feed them - or even if we can feed them but these children will be doomed to live their while lives in poverty? To Raelians, this is so sad.