Human cloning will not be a crime against Humanity

24 Feb, 2005
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But religious beliefs and special political interests still overshadow science in policy making

Bb July 31 58 Political manoeuvring and religious pressures dominated the decision making process around the human cloning debate at the UN as well as at the US Congress for the past 5 years.
A few days ago, the UN called on countries to ban all forms of human cloning "incompatible with human dignity." The American religious right claims victory, the Union of Concerned Scientists stays concerned . and patients who could be cured are still dying and suffering!
Dr. Boisselier, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement and President of Stemaid, a sister company of Clonaid that does stem cell lines using cloned embryos declares: We all know that in a few years, Humanity will look back to the human cloning debate and feel ashamed for all the people who have been suffering and dying while they could be saved if the money used for bombing was put into stem cell application researches.