Neo Sexism

14 Mar, 2005
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Comments of the Prophet Rael

Obp Narita 58 Comments of the Prophet Rael:
In recent weeks there has been a lot of media coverage of at least a dozen sexy, young, female American teachers that were arrested and prosecuted for "rape" for having sex with their 13 to 15 year old male students. It would be arguable to accuse a 21 year old 100 pound tiny and sexy female teacher of "raping" a 120 pound muscularly trained 15 year old boy...but that's the terms of the law... even if nobody can understand how a boy can be raped by a woman if he has no sexual erection.
But that's not what is shocking. What is totally revolting, and should be especially for feminist activists who are surprisingly silent about it, is that many liberal commentators including Bill Maher are saying : " if a 35 year old man teacher has sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl that deserves a harsh punishment but if it's a female 35 year old teacher with a 15 year old boy justice should be more lenient as they are almost helping the sexual development of the teenagers boys, and as we all dreamt about this kind of experience when we were this age". And they add that "having sex with a 35 year old man would be psychologically damaging for a 15 year old girl but very educational for a 15 year old boy" .