A deformed baby develops to term

01 May, 2005
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would an almighty god let it happen?

Liquefied Pensies Rn A few days ago, a video of female conjoined twins was published on the net. They survived 2 hours after delivery. They/she had one head with 2 faces, 2 mouths, 2 noses but only one pair of eyes, one chest, 4 arms, 2 buttocks, 4 legs. The family believed they were enchanted by evil spirits. The medical experts said that this deformity was caused by the poor health of the mother.

Rael declared: Would an "almighty god" who supervises everything let this happen? This is another proof that there is no god... Also try to imagine the worldwide condemnation of cloning if this monster had been created through reproductive cloning... But as it was conceived through regular sexuality, nobody asks for any "ethical monitoring" of sexual reproduction... isnt a double standard? Also through cloning reproduction, no scientist would ever let such a monster develop to term.