Akko incidents: Israel is doomed to fail if it doesn't change

15 Oct, 2008
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Declaration of the Grand Rabbi of the Raelian Branch of Judaism in Israel

LeonDeclaration of the Grand Rabbi of the Raelian Branch of Judaism in Israel, Raelian Guide, Leon Mellul, after recent incidents in Akko

Yom Kippur celebration is supposed to be about atonement and forgiveness. However it was on that day that chaos started in the city of Akko in the Northern part of isRael because a Muslim resident dared to drive on that day.
Because a Muslim living in the city didn’t respect the Jewish tradition, the Jewish residents felt justified to attack the whole Muslim quarter, burning cars and houses and screaming death threats to the Muslims. The police even had to come to prevent a blood bath and this only because a human being drove his car in the city at the wrong time on the wrong day.
How can this be possible?
We are all living in a democracy and the Israeli citizens, whatever their religion, should be allowed to drive when they want, to pray when they want and to not pray if this is what they decide. It should be possible in our country to eat or fast without reporting to anyone about it.
It is frightening to see that after a day of prayers and fast during which Jewish Israelis ask for forgiveness for their sins of the year, they are able on that same day, coming fresh from the synagogue, to go to the Muslim quarters, ready to hurt or kill Muslims and this only because one of them dared to drive on that day!! Where is the forgiveness gone? You are unconscious and unforgivable!
How is it that the children of the people who went through the Shoa can act this way and ask for the death of Arabic people? Did we forget what the Nazis did to us? Are we the new Nazi torturers of the Muslim people in Israel and in the Palestinian territories?
If this is what it is to be Jew, member of the so-called Elected People, then I am ashamed to be Jew.
Thankfully there are Israeli who are not barbarians and many of them promote peace in our country.
The people of Israel is doomed to fail if it keeps on acting like the people of Akko. Such obvious lack of love and racial hatred will lead Israel to its destruction as announced in the Raelian scriptures given by the Elohim to Rael almost 35 years ago.
When will there be an Israeli Gandhi as Mashiach Rael has been asking?

Israel, listen before it is too late!

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