Rael supports OK SO RI and condemns Korean anti-adultery law imposed by Catholic lobbying

27 Nov, 2008
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Korean authorities are still in the middle age

AdulteryRAEL publicly sent his support to Ok So Ri , the popular Korean actress who has been prosecuted for adultery in Korea and risks 2 years in jail. RAEL said :" The Korean Government is enforcing stupid middle-age laws which were imposed by fanatical Catholic lobbyists 50 years ago in a country which is predominantly and historically Buddhist. The same catholic lobbying pushed the Korean government to deny my access into Korea, due to my pro-human-cloning declarations and books in what is my fundamental freedom of thought and freedom of speech. It's the only country in the world where I was denied access - proving that the Korean government is trying to deny its people the freedom of information that thankfully they can access through the internet anyway.

Korea will also be the only non-Muslim country to enforce anti-adultery laws. It is time for young generations to put pressure on the government and their elected representatives so that the middle-age laws are suppressed. Claiming that anti-adultery laws protect the social order is a joke. Social order doesn't rely on the private sexual life of its citizens . As the Ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, declared in 1967: "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.".
All modern countries rid themselves a long time ago of these middle-age Catholic anti-adultery laws and it's about time that Korea, which is predominantly Buddhist and not Catholic, also eradicate them.

The problem in Korea is that, even if the Catholics are a minority, their lobbying of the politicians is very powerful, trying to impose their antiquated values to all citizens, including the non-catholic majority. It is about time for the non-catholics to stop being politically bullied by a minority which is remotely controlled by the Vatican .