Legalized Heroin – Criminalized Marijuana

01 Dec, 2008
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all drugs should be legal

MarijuanaVoters in Switzerland recently pass a bill which will provide prescription heroin to addicts as well as safe places to inject the addicting drug. Almost 70% of the voters passed this law. Curiously, however, they did not pass the bill which would have decriminalized the mild cannabis plant.

The Prophet Rael pointed out “All drugs should be legalized. It is a crime to put people in jail who are desperate and depressed enough to use drugs just in order to feel less bad. Obviously, putting them in jail doesn't help them feel better at all, so it's just social hypocrisy. While at the same time, due to stupid traditions, alcohol and tobacco are sold freely, while they are even more dangerous than cannabis and kill many more people every year. If we accept that alcohol and tobacco are sold with simple warnings on the label about the dangers of using them, why not do the same with all other drugs, especially cannabis? The real solution to stop people using drugs (or alcohol or tobacco) is to give them new values and new philosophies which destroy guilt and encouraging pleasure so they can enjoy life without needing any drug. Police and jail are not the right answers to depression and hopelessness. And criminalization of drugs just creates more crime due to illegal trafficking as no prohibition has ever stopped, nor will it ever stop the use of any substance.”

Rael’s teachings have helped thousands of people stop using drugs and alcohol as well as cigarettes, coffee etc. How? Simply because the Raelian philosophy offers the tools by which these thousands have all started to discover the infinite pleasures we have all around us. When we are living in pleasure, we are living the way we were designed - to be happy and we no longer want to put these things in our body. It really is that simple even though most people – even some professionals - try to make it so much more complicated. As Rael points out above, the only reason people take drugs and alcohol etc is to feel some pleasure – pleasure which religious culture tells us is wrong. (however, understanding that this religious conditioning exists can be very tricky, though)

There are some very good explanations in Rael’s writings which are downloadable for free from this site. These writings contain a wealth of practical illustrations and tools for understanding ourselves better. Offered to us by our true Creators, the Elohim, these teachings are clear and concise. The book Sensual Meditation has been called by many to be “the owners manual for the human body”. Who better to teach us how we operate than Those who created us? :-)

And of course the Raelian seminars are a great place to spring a step further into these teachings. See the “seminars” link on See you there?