In favor of Eugenics

01 May, 2002
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No parent, worthy of this name, would not wish for their children to have the best intelligence possible.

2 1108074047 Prophe The most recent scientific research in the field has proven that intelligence is genetic. Yet, another confirmation of the Messages.
There are many anti-science conservatives who try to scare off populations using the notion of risks attached to any genetic improvement of the human race.
Whether it involves parents wanting to choose their child's gender or physical attributes, these conservatives are against it claiming that this should remain the privilege of the god in whom they believe. They brandish the banner of eugenics which, in their minds, is necessarily racist and which they obviously link to the madness of the Nazis' idea of a "superior race".
But if intelligence is indeed genetic, this means that we will soon be able to improve it in which case those opposed to science must be completely hysterical as they are convinced that intelligence is caused by the environment. As if idiots, whether from the Alps or not, and Mongolians were the result of their environment.