America's brain drain

04 May, 2005
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A trend to encourage

India Hi Tech The technology gap between the West and the East is narrowing more and more and according to the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), the premier trade body of India's booming infotech industry, there are 25,000 expatriate Indian infotech professionals estimated to have returned home in the last four years and 40% of them have returned last year alone.
The American Electronics Association has described it as America's brain drain and
India's brain gain, a trend that is challenging America's technology leadership.
Rael's commented this week on this situation: We must increase this trend not only in Asia. It is the duty of all Africans who got a high education and position in the USA
and Europe to go back to their country to help their people and countries become richer and more scientifically developed than their ex-colonizers. A total reversal is possible with one day having poor American and European immigrants coming to clean the streets of Africa.
That would only be justice. But the Africans with their higher consciousness will have to be generous and compassionate and not place the same barriers and expulsion rules that the developed countries enforce today.