Same sex marriages

it's a matter of love

Israel Stops Fuel Shipments to Palestinians

this is the definition of terrorrism

Six More Wrongly Imprisoned at Guantanamo (RAEL's comment)

Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes

Jacques Fresco Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement

For a life dedicated to the betterment of Humanity

Akko incidents: Israel is doomed to fail if it doesn't change

Declaration of the Grand Rabbi of the Raelian Branch of Judaism in Israel

Our support to Rabbis for Human Rights

the Jewish thing we like

US National Debt Clock reaches 10 trillion

a world currency is the solution

Formula 1 Boss Seeks Change in Privacy Laws

Media should inform their victims before doing a piece on them

Noam Chomsky Honorary Guide of Raelian Movement!

For his stance against manipulation