Meditation and NK cells

24 Jun, 2008
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Meditation helps immun system

Asia Prayer It's ancient wisdom that the practice of meditation transforms us to better health and a happier life. Our Creators in their message to Rael - and to us all through him- reinforced that teaching and explained that it is indeed vital for human being to meditate. They also explained that the effect of meditation has nothing mystical as some old religions tend to teach but it is a tool given to us by those who created us, that allows to balance our mind and body so that every one of our cells develop in a harmonious environment leading to a better defense system against diseases.
A few years ago, scientists have started to consider and measure the effects of meditation and we have seen a few scientific studies illustrating its benefits.
In one study scientists discovered meditation ameliorates the negative traits associated with migraine headaches and decreases anxiety. In this study those who practiced meditation also had greater increases in pain tolerance and expressed a greater existential well being.
In another study it was found that cancer patients who undergo stem cell transplantation were better able to cope with the physical and emotional stresses of the procedure if they followed a regiment of mindful meditation.
In a third study, rheumatoid arthritis patients with recurrent depression were found to benefit the most from meditation across several measures, including coping with pain and joint tenderness.
An important study made at Stanford University is going to be published next month in the Journal of Clinical Psychology where investigators relate that patients with long-term depressive disorders experienced the most remission in their depression if they meditated. Other studies reporting similar findings are also included in the references listed below and many Raelians could confirm how meditations help them to overcome their depressive state.