120 books at conference in Sweden!

29 Mar, 2005
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The students were so happy to receive our CDs

Daniel V School 2 Rn Many students in lower and upper secondary school have contacted the Swedish Movement to gather information for various school-essays on religions. Since all the material that the students need is accessible for free on the website, the only thing remaining for them to calm their curiosity is to meet with us personally. Two or three times a week Daniel, the national guide of Sweden, meets students to answer their numerous questions. After the interviews the teenagers are always surprised of how different and funny a �Raelian� can be and this naturally lead to that they tell their teachers how very nice and respectful we are.

Due to this, more and more teachers, in the subject of religion have invited us to come and lecture about Raelism. A few days ago he spoke to 120 students at a school named L�stradska in Stockholm. Many intelligent questions were asked after his resum� of the messages, and by the end of the session he handed out 120 free CD-Roms containing the book, audiobook, links to the websites and the video �Age of science.�
He told us : "I cannot tell you how happy the students were to receive CDs like this! They reacted as though they were given something of great value (which is true of course! ), and I�m quite sure that they will all go home and insert the disk and watch the contents, and when they are done they will probably save it, copy it or give it to someone else. People are programmed not to throw away CDs. "