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Gotopless organization denounces arrest of NYC woman taken to a mental hospital for legally going topless

Gotopless strongly denounces the arrest of a woman by the name of Holly Van Voast who was hand-cuffed and taken to a mental hospital on Sunday July 8, for standing legally topless outside of Hooters in Midtown, NYC.

Rael applauds proposal for ‘mega-cities’ that grow vertically rather than horizontally

Rael has expressed his approval to scientists who favor higher, rather than wider, cities as the world’s population continues to soar.

San Francisco Raelians promoting Paradism

Raelians from the Bay Area promoting Paradism during this year's Gay Pride in San Francisco.

RAEL: 'The Higgs Boson particle is but one of an infinite number of ever smaller particles.

While the scientific community stirs with the announcement of discovering the so-called Higgs Boson particle with 99 percent certainty, Rael issued a statement today reminding scientists that finding one particle cannot be taken as the final explanation for the structure of the universe.

Raelians at Houston Gay Pride

The Texas Raelians joined the Houston gay pride to promote ARAMIS, the Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities.

Raelians promoting Paradism in NYC

Raelians from the New York City area promoting the most revolutionary political system, Paradism!

Free hugs in Syracuse

A team of local Raelians gave away free hugs in the city of Syracuse, NY.

Raelians at Chicago Gay Pride Parade

The Chicago Raelians joined the local gay pride to promote ARAMIS, the Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities.

Rael commends German court ruling circumcision as 'bodily harm'

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, commends the ruling by a court in Germany that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm.

A successful 3rd Swastika Rehabilitation Day

A display of swastikas around the western world on June 23rd, triggered a mixture of reactions.