Rael applauds U.N. Security Council condemnation of Israel aggression, calls for additional steps against violence

Rael issued a statement today reprimanding Israel for its recent attack on a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid destined for Gaza

Rael: ‘Banning minarets isn’t enough! Islam itself should be banned!

Debate surrounding a proposal to ban construction of minarets in Switzerland is something Swiss Raelians are following very closely

Ultra orthodox Jews protest against Intel

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem have protested outside the offices of the US firm, Intel, against the plant operating on the Jewish day of rest

Bondi Beach Nude Sculpture Clothed

The thirteenth annual Sculpture by the Sea, opened in Sydney on 29 October

More warnings about overpopulation

A recent article in the growing number of comments on overpopulation was posted on a site we like

The Roman Empire Revisited

It’s no secret that the world is watching, waiting to see how the current economic situation will unfold

Rael blasts U.N and West for Gaza situation

and plead for Israel to replace violence by love and compassion

Palestinian Humanitarian Aid Blocked

who will have the courage to stop this genocide?

The Need For Geniocracy

The only way to end the dictatorship of the imbeciles