Rael's Prayer For George Bush

20 Sep, 2005
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Instead of attacking, he should declare a national day of prayer

Prayinghandsweb By proclaiming September 16th a "National Day of Prayer for Hurricane Katrina", George Bush is really showing the world what a great leader he is. Forget about people dying without any help after a full week of being waist deep in water. Forget the 10,000 people forsaken in the superdome without food or safety, open prey to rape and abuse. Forget about the US army coming in to help only 1 week too late. A national day of prayer! What a genius! That's what the hundreds of thousands who lost everything really need!

If only George Bush had applied this new policy earlier, so many lives and money would have been saved. Let's imagine that after September 11th, instead of initiating a "war on terror" and killing 30,000 innocent Afghan civilians, Bush had declared a "National Day of Prayer" against terrorists, relinquishing the management of would-be terrorists to police and security forces as is their job anyway. Or, imagine that after making everybody falsely believe that Iraq was threatening the USA with weapons of mass destruction, Bush would have declared a "National Day of Prayer" against Iraq and allowed UN specialists such as Scott Ritter to prove that there were no WMD, instead of killing 30,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, leading 3,000 US service-men to death and injuring 15,000 of them who will now be handicapped for life...

Yes, national days of prayer can really make a difference. And instead of wasting the 200 billion dollars that was lost on illegally attacking and occupying Iraq, he could have bought a new house for every American who lost a home in the Katrina disaster.


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