Stem Cells - An Act of Love

12 Mar, 2005
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It is time for humanity to become truly humane

Stemcells A very interesting case is unfolding in the US where the tycoon Robert Herring has offered $1 million to Mr. Schiavo to release control of his vegetative wife’s life to her parents, so that they can keep her under artificial survival devices until stem cells can cure her. Mr Herring a supporter of stem cell research, said he was moved to act after following the legal battle and realising that time was running out for Mrs Schiavo. insisting he had no connections with the woman's parents, husband or any organisation involved in the case. As, he said he believed that there was hope of a medical cure and felt compelled to act.
RAEL and the International Raelian Movement congratulate Mr. Herring for his humane and very accurate vision that technology will very soon be able to cure this woman.
The Prophet Rael declared today : This is a very interesting case... we support euthanasia, but we also support stem cells research, which in this case can effectively bring any people back to normal lives... This must be a big problem for conservative people who oppose both stem cell research and euthanasia... we support both, with a priority for stem cell research and cloning! Thanks to Mr. Herring, stem cell research will be suddenly associated with an act of love! Wonderful...


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