Rael asks for boycott of Southwest Airlines

09 Sep, 2007
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and a boycott of all who try to take society backward…

Kyla Ebbert We’re sure you all heard of the Kyla Ebbert, the “too sexy to fly” 23 year old woman who is telling the media she was asked to get off a plane traveling to Tucson, Arizona this last week because her clothing was “too revealing” to travel in.

“This new attack on personal freedom fits in perfectly with the talibanization of U.S. society Osama Bin Laden has requested in his latest video,” Rael commented. “He must be rejoicing to hear that the fashion police are active not only in Saudi Arabia but right here in the West. So what’s next? Will women in the United States soon be forced to wear a burka to travel?”

“Southwestern has chosen to greatly compound what was originally just one employee’s actions by continuing to defend his outrageous and unwarranted behavior,” Rael observed. “The company should have fired him and issued an immediate apology for his behavior. But since the airline clearly has no intention of making amends to this lovely young woman, I hereby call for a worldwide boycott of all Southwestern flights. Freedom lovers everywhere must unite against this airline’s unconscionable policy.”

In the past, Southwest Airlines has been very open minded company - even posting a website which caters to gays and lesbians which tells them of other gay-friendly organizations. see here

And does anyone remember the TV ads for SW in the 70’s? The hostesses (they used the term then…hehe..) were wearing “hot pants” – little tiny shorts much shorter than Kyla’s skirt! The employees were wearing more revealing clothing than the customer 30 years ago!


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