About Time magazine article: "God vs. science: Can religion stand up to the test?"

12 Nov, 2006
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a letter to Time editor

Time Magazine Cover Mehran Sam, Raelian Bishop-Guide and biologist answers to the Time magazine's article available here

Dear Time Editor,

Evolution is the only scientific theory that has had to fight for acceptance among the general public for more than a century. When science announced that it is not god that inflicts disease but germs, people readily accepted it and welcomed the implications of this newly found knowledge into their lives. However still half or more of the populace in many countries including many scientists do not accept evolution as a satisfactory explanation for our origins, a majority thinking life is too complex and elaborate to come about randomly. Clearly evolutionists have not been able to convince them otherwise.
On the other hand, the rise of the intelligent design theory indicates that even the alternative belief that God has worked through an evolutionary mechanism to create human beings has not been a satisfactory explanation for many who adhere to a religious belief. There is something inherently and fundamentally wrong with the notion that randomness can bring about intelligent minds into existence. Why do we love music, a Picasso painting or the moonlight reflected on a pond!? Half of us see that no amount of natural selection theorizing can explain away our sense of awe and wonder in the universe.
I sympathize that this is a very similar frustration to what scientists feel towards religion about the notion of an unknowable god being responsible for everything in the universe.

Science is a very respected enterprise and has been widely embraced in our age by a large majority. But this one exceptional scientific theory has failed to capture the imagination even when it's been wrapped within the notion of a creator god for the sake of the faithful. When there is such a wide divide for such a long period of time, one can suspect that each side has only a partial grasp of the truth or perhaps the solution lies elsewhere.

The atheist Intelligent Design theory explains that there is no god and that life has been created by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization who visited the earth and implanted life through the work of their scientists.


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