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A Raelian official licensed to perform legal marriages for same-sex couples in Hawaii

Donna Grabow, leader of the Raelian Movement for the state of Hawaii, is now licensed to perform legal marriages in that state, and plans to offer her services especially to same-sex couples.

While most religions wouldn't dare to recognize same-sex relations, the Raelian religion teaches that homosexuality is natural and healthy (as opposed to 'unnormal.').

Though Raelians themselves don't actually support the concept of a marriage contract (legally binding, like owning someone) they do advocate universal equality more than anything; for it's only fair that people should be able to marry whoever they want, regardless of same-gender or if they are of different race or religion.

Donna tells us: "We must remember that only 70 years ago, inter-racial marriages were illegal in some states. Thankfully, the racist laws have been eradicated, due to human right activists.
Many groups around the world, such as the LGBT movement, have been organizing annual festive events to bring awareness to the public in order to celebrate their diversity.
We owe it to these groups for helping to change the closed-minded and bullying attitudes.
Hopefully homophobia and gender discrimination will become a thing of the past. It should be put in the same category as racism."


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