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Raelians in support of CELAC

Lima, December 2011 – The International Raelian Movement applauded the initiative of Mexico in the creation and consolidation of the “Community of Latin American and Caribbean States” (CELAC), its first meeting taking place in Venezuela a few days ago. The CELAC is comprised of 33 Latin American countries and includes Cuba, but excludes the United States and Canada, thus differentiating it from the convalescent OAS.

“The exclusion of the United States demonstrates once more that this country is being isolated from the world due to its policy of lies and violence” commented Marco Sevilla, Raelian Continental Guide for South America. “What the US did to Cuba by isolating them completely from the region, ironically will now conversely affect the US as Cuba is now included in CELAC. The decline of the US is imminent; it is destined to become a third world country. As a consequence of US politics subduing the world for so many years, it will now have to search for compassion from those to which they harmed in order to subsist,” explained Sevilla.

The Organization of the American States (OAS) has failed in many of their principles; its imminent demise will be welcomed by Raelians.

“The OAS allows the Catholic religion, predominant in the region, to continue condemning homosexuality. The silence and lack of action from the OAS against this primitive position advocates the acceptance and compliance of such an archaic belief. For over a decade the OAS have avoided discussions of the treaty “Convention of Sexual and Reproductive Rights”. This treaty addresses issues such as legalization of abortion, legal protection from any type of sexual behavior or orientation, and the recognition of the reproductive and sexual rights at the level of the human rights. This is in contradiction of the OAS’ own bylaws which address the fundamental rights of the human beings, without distinction of race, nationality, creed or sex” said Sevilla.

OAS allows its members, in this case the United States, to illegally invade countries in the Middle East (as evidenced in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya). It also allows them to maintain a military hegemony with weapon investments that exceed the combined budgets of many countries of the region. This action is not even punished despite the fact that it is prohibited in their bylaws!

“The bylaws of OAS are taken as a joke and humanity is the one who ends up losing. We hope that CELAC respects and acts in these different areas to bring peace and development to Latin America where it is desperately needed,” declared Sevilla.

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