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Rael Names Minister Farrakhan Honorary Guide of Humanity

Following his recent Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel in New York where he exposed the U.S. and NATO’s criminal War in Libya and Africa, Minister Farrakhan, head of the controversial Nation of Islam, has been awarded the title of "Honorary Guide of Humanity" by Rael.

Farrakhan is a Peaceful Revolutionary who has long been admired by the US and African Raelians for his controversial positions on social and political matters.

In his June 15th speech, Minister Louis Farrakhan lambasted the U.N., the U.S., and the "coalition of demons" that he said makes up NATO. He drew interesting comparisons between what the Libyan people have achieved under the Kadhafi government and the problems faced by most of the nations now trying to oust the Libyan leader, particularly the US, Britain, France and Italy where unemployment is high and, unlike the Libyan people, many are homeless.

Farrakhan said the United Nations have no legitimate right to exist for passing the resolution that has allowed NATO to take military action in Libya and that NATO is in direct conflict with their own resolution 1973, which is supposed to protect civilians now that NATO bombings are killing civilians.

All these facts and comments are in perfect agreement with the many statements done by Rael regarding the Afghanistan, Iran and now Lybian conflicts as well as the obvious failure of the UN.

In a recent statement, Rael explained that “The international aggression against Libya has been covered up under the pretext of protecting the civilian population. The only real reason is to hoard the oil and combat Kadhafi's idea of creating a currency based on gold, which could be used instead of the dollar for oil transactions.’’

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