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Rael: ‘Overpopulation is the true cause of Fukushima!’

In a recent speech given in Japan, Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM) commented on the Fukushima problem, saying that the Japanese government indeed made a mistake by building a plant so close to the ocean with such vulnerability to tsunamis, but he also said the Japanese government didn’t have much choice since it has 120 million citizens expecting power.

"The problem facing humanity is that we need too much electricity because we have too many people on Earth; it is overpopulated,” Rael explained.

The concept of having too many humans on Earth is not new to Raelians. The threat linked to overpopulation was clearly described in the Message given to Rael in 1973, when he met the scientists who created life on Earth,”according to the Raelian scriptures.

“With our present technology, Earth shouldn’t have more than 3 billion people. But we now have more than twice that number,” Rael said in his recent speech. “Right now, almost all of the world’s governments are criminals, not because they create nuclear plants, but because they keep pushing people to have more children – and those additional want to have more electricity and hence more facilities like Fukushima. The Fukushima crisis is a result of overpopulation!”

According to Rael, if there were only 60 million people in Japan, there would be no need for risky plants like Fukushima.

“The Japanese government is urging Japanese families to have more children,” Rael said. “That’s the real crime, not building Fukushima. The only responsible policy would be to say to every human being, as the Message of the Elohim conveyed in 1973, ‘Have less children!’ But we are having more children instead! If humanity survives – and we are not sure it will survive – maybe millions of people will die because of this mistake. And if we do survive, future humanity on Earth will judge us, those living now, and say, ‘How stupid they were!’”

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