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Raelian arrested for wishing to explain the true meaning of the Swastika symbol

Australian police broke up a peaceful celebration of the ancient and sacred swastika symbol in Queensland and arrested the leader of the Australian Raelian Movement during World Swastika Rehabilitation Day on Sunday June 27th.

The International Raelian Movement organized a worldwide celebration of the Swastika on June 27th following a call from RAEL to rehabilitate this sacred and ancient symbol, which forms part of the Raelian symbol. The Australian celebrations included a procession to float a large, white swastika kite with the words LOVE, INFINITY and PEACE on Main Beach, Gold Coast. Placards explaining and illustrating the noble history of the swastika within Buddhism, Hinduism and many other cultures of the world were on display and being viewed with great interest by the passing public.

"Our procession was stopped before it began" explains Jarel Aymonier, leader of the Raelian Movement in Australia.

As helium balloons were being attached to lift the large swastika, police interrupted the preparations following a complaint from an undisclosed source. The police alleged it was racial discrimination and they were stopping ‘the protest’ under the Racial Discrimination Act, despite Jarel explaining that it was not not a protest but a display of religious information to educate the public of the peaceful use of the swastika that pre-dated Nazism.

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