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Addendum to the Message of the Elohim of the 6th of August 70 aH

The Right of Return: De-Zionisation of Palestine

As the Elohim had advised all zionist Jews to leave the State of Israel before its destruction, any Israelis born there from zionist parents have a problem, as they have only Israeli passports and do not know where to go. That’s why, to save as many Jews from destruction as possible, all nations of the Earth should immediately grant those Jews, whose ancestors were born outside Israel, the right to return back to where their ancestors came from.

For example this would allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return to Poland, as his father Benzion Mileikowsky was of Polish nationality (Benjamin Netanyahu’s real name being Benjamin Mileikowsky). If the world is truly not anti-semitic it must allow these Jews to leave Palestine, which belongs to the Palestinians, and return to the country of their ancestors.

After the destruction of the Zionist state, only the real Jews, whose genetic code proves that their ancestors originated from Israel, will be welcomed back to Palestine in a non-apartheid multicultural state. This is not the case for 90% of actual Israelis, whose ancestors, it turns out, never came from Palestine but in fact came from eastern Europe and simply converted to Judaism. Genetic tests are available and can easily prove it. Real Jews, that is to say the descendants of Jews living in Palestine a long time ago, have an unique genetic marker shared by no one else, except some Palestinians who also have Jewish ancestry.

This Message of the Elohim is an addendum to the Message of the Elohim of August 6, 70aH.


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