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Raelians visit the Montreal Comiccon 2014

By Alain Moreau

The superheroes of small and big screen fascinate and entertain millions of people around the world eager for extraordinary adventures. These fearless and blameless heroes are often associated with the world of science fiction, and seem to us, mere mortals, inaccessible.

Fortunately, the annual Comiccon Convention allows fans to get closer to the actors who are behind these living legends.

This year I brought along with me a small team of Raelians to hand deliver Rael’s book "Intelligent Design" to various stars we managed to meet in the midst of a very dense crowd of people.

We gave the book to five actors, three of them had played important characters in the Star Trek Next Generation series: Levar Burton (Geordi La Forge), Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher) and Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker). Rael's book was also gifted to Tricia Helfer, the Cylon No. 6 of "Battlestar Galactica" and Stephen Amell from the "Arrow" series.

Nine of the main actors of the Star Trek Next Generation series have now received a copy of the book "Intelligent Design" including Patrick Stewart, the famous Captain Picard of the spaceship USS Enterprise who received it two years ago.

Superheroes most of the time use raw force to solve problems, but we Raelians believe in the power of Love and Non-Violence.

When we hand deliver Rael's books to influential people we not only convey the truth about our origins but also hope for a better world!


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