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Presentation on Paradism at the University of Toronto

On September 27, the Paradism concept was presented at the University of Toronto.

According to Patrick Rhein, the leader of the Raelian Movement for the city of Toronto and also the speaker at the event, it was clear that simply by "looking at the sheer number of questions that were asked, the audience was totally captivated by the concept of Paradism". Two main domains had been addressed, robotics and 3D printing. "We described various applications of biotechnology, from personal use to industrial use as well as how to change our mindset to create a new reality, and save our planet", mentioned Rhein.

Mark Proulx, a robotics engineer with over 20 years experience, has also demonstrated that it would be possible to implement Paradism quickly if politicians, scientists and citizens would join together to achieve it.

More presentations of this kind will be held across Canada to show the public how Paradism could make our world a paradise where work and money would no longer exist.


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