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Femininity Day

This year Raelians across the world celebrated International Femininity Day by once again reiterating the teachings of Rael and the importance of bringing forth feminine qualities to attain peace on this planet. International Femininity Day is held on or around National Women's Day to remind us that if the citizens of Earth took time to develop the feminine qualities of kindness, unconditional love, acceptance, refinement, beauty, elegance, and sensuality, war would cease to exist and we would all live in harmony. Throughout history, the females who pioneered for women's rights adopted masculine qualities in order to be heard by males who dominated all aspects of society. While these tactics proved to be successful in improving the conditions and rights of women, not much has changed as the world is still ruled by masculinity, aggression and violence. It is up to women to fully express their femininity and show men how to bring forth the qualities that have been suppressed in them by society conditioning for so long so that we can pave the way for eternal, lasting peace on Earth.

Some key gatherings took place in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA, where Raelians meditated for world peace and reflected on feminine qualities to save humanity. "We were so high in love and peace from the sound of the crystal bowl that we used on this day," said Claude from Las Vegas; regional Guide for the western US.

Following is an excerpt of Rael's teachings on femininity: "If femininity is a remedy for mankind and is the way to prevent its destruction, then to develop it becomes a necessity and the responsibility of each human being regardless of his or her gender."


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