1st Sunday of April celebration in Las Vegas

05 Apr, 2011
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April 3, 2011 was a beautiful day at Spring Mountain State Park in Las Vegas Nevada

0 1303253969 1 1st SuApril 3, 2011 was a beautiful day at Spring Mountain State Park in Las Vegas Nevada! The weather was warm and sunny with scattered clouds floating in the sky. This was the last day of the 2011 Happiness Academy bringing forth emotions of joy in all we had shared, what an amazing week!

The journey brought this amazing group of people together for the purpose of performing the cellular plan transmissions for the new Raelians on this special day. We arrived on two big tour buses and found a delicious and appetizing barbeque lunch that had been prepared for us. We feasted on chicken kabobs, rice pilaf, and healthy green salad – which really hit the spot!

It was a relaxing afternoon of mingling in fraternity and great conversations with Raelians from all over the world. Ricky Roehr performed the cellular transmissions for 14 amazing people who had decided to publicly acknowledge the Elohim as our creators. What an experience! It was a magnificent finale to a week of creating new friendships for some and revitalizing existing friendships for others. I am certain that all who attended eagerly anticipate attending next years Happiness Academy for further fellowship, enlightenment, and LOVE!!

- Julie Siemers -

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