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Are meat and milk from cloned cattle safe?

Yes, according to the Raelian Movement.

“Any other answer is a load of cloned bull,” said Dr. Marcus Wenner, who is also a Raelian bishop. “Two years ago a farmer bought two bulls produced from a cloned cow in good faith and now everyone is in uproar,” he said. “People are now clamoring to eradicate any of those bulls’ genes from the food chain. The British public should be ashamed for its outright ignorance!”

But Wenner said there should be even more shame on the part of the authorities for miseducating the malleable public.

“Let’s get this straight; cloning simply copies living organisms,” he explained. “That means if the original was good to eat, then the clone and its descendants will also be good to eat. A protein is a protein, and the very fact that the animal is alive should be a clue for the more alert among us that there is no poison in it!”

In fact, Wenner commented, just as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) represent the only hope of a sustainable food source for everyone over the next century, so will cloned food be essential to equitably feed the world’s exploding population.

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