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The Mini “Happiness Academy” - Miami, FL

Complimenting the US annual Raelian Happiness Academy where hundreds of people attend from around the world (usually held each spring in Las Vegas*), this last October a mini Happiness Academy took place in Miami, Florida. Mostly attended by East Coast Raelians, as well as Lara (the US National Guide), this 3-day gathering was filled with beautiful teachings and exercises — and as with all Raelian events — lots of fun and laughter too!

“The Happiness Academy is an opportunity to be the child we thought we lost... and to just be; without judging or being judged; without worrying; [and discovering] that happiness is not only one’s right, but a choice that one makes.”
— Jesus from Miami

Being that it was smaller than the US national event, this mini Happiness Academy offered Raelians and their guests an opportunity for in-depth exploration on a personal, interpersonal and societal level.

With the assistance of the Guides (including Donna, Mehran, Larry, Damien and Upendra), participants explored their own lives and its challenges, learned wonderful things about themselves, and discovered solutions to achieving their life’s goals. Over the period of three transformational days, an everlasting sense of ‘global family‘ was felt as tears of joy and laughter, acceptance and tenderness were shared.

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