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Raelism implies Atheism and Responsibilization

It was quite a surprise for the American Raelians to learn a few days ago about the suicides of Daniel Boli-Gbagra, his wife and her daughter in Miami. According to the reports they died from starvation while praying the Elohim to bring them food.

It is always disturbing to learn that someone decided to give up this incredible gift that is life. We all feel responsible when it happens to someone close as we all wish we had known and had been able to help one way or another. Daniel has been close to the Raelians in New York where he lived before moving to Florida. He however left the Movement about 7 years ago and no one heard from him since then.

Another disturbing part of this news was to read that while starving, they were hoping to get help from the Elohim, the human beings from another planet who created us and all forms of life on Earth. For us Raelians, it is very clear that everyone is responsible for everything that happens to him or her. In other words, there are no divine intervention ever. Those who created us are human beings who suggested us some rules to make our life better and happier but they will not intervene in our lives for any reason. This is one of the major tenets of the Raelian philosophy and one of the main disagreements expressed by Daniel when he left the Movement. According to some members, he had mystical perception and thought that the Elohim were involved in our life just like Christians or Muslims believe that their god is involved.

In a recent address, Rael was referring to the Elohim saying that we should never make the mistake to see them like gods. “They are not gods they are human beings like us, we must never forget that. We must not replace god by Elohim. They are just teachers, men and women, human beings, like us. It is very important to remember. They created us equal to them not inferior. So to be Raelian is beautiful because we respect and love human beings who are equal to us instead of feeling inferior and praying a god.”

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