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“The Trauma Myth” by Susan A. Clancy will help abuse victims more than years of therapy will!

Rael has expressed his support for psychologist Susan Clancy, who says the conventional trauma model emphasizing “damaging” aspects of sexual “abuse” in childhood is incorrect.
In her book “The Trauma Myth,” Clancy explained that the “damaged” label traditionally applied to victims actually causes them additional harm. According to her study, many victims of childhood sexual abuse report that they weren’t terrified, but uncomfortable and confused. Many say they experienced shame and guilt long after the acts occurred because they had “consented,” but that they didn’t experience the experience as the horrifying trauma popular theory says they endured. According to Clancy, they feel guilty because their cases don’t fit the societal mold of what they supposedly experienced.
Clancy bases her views on ten years of interviewing sex abuse victims plus an extensive review of literature dating back to the early 1900s.
Rael said in a statement released today that he personally knows people who were supposedly “sexually abused” in childhood according to conventional theory, but that the label is as misleading and harmful as Clancy suggests.
“These people were not only non-traumatized but think the great and harmonious sexual life they have enjoyed all their lives is due to positive sexual experience they had while still children,” he said.
Then why are these people always considered “victims” according to convention?
“Politically correct people want these individuals to be traumatized to conform to their Judeo-Christian model of sexual correctness,” he explained. “We [Raelians] absolutely condemn pedophilia, but as Clancy said, people must realize that underage sexual experience doesn’t necessarily harm children and traumatize them for life. What’s more, some children actually benefit from such experience in their sexual development – even if we don’t want to hear about it!”

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