A Huge Victory for Religious Freedom

28 May, 2008
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thanks to the beauty of the US Constitution

We’re sure you heard what the media was saying about the Fundamentalist Mormon group in Texas, USA for the last 2 months. The bigger news recently arrived, though.

An appeal court has ruled that US officials had no right to seize the 463 children from this polygamist group in western Texas last month. The appeal court ruled that that the reasons given for the children's removal were "legally and factually insufficient". Moreover, the panel said “The existence of the FLDS belief system as described by the department's witnesses, by itself, does not put children of FLDS parents in physical danger.”

The fact that this could have even happened in the US, whose Constitution guarantees religious freedom, shows that religious freedom is continuously under attack everywhere. The US Courts are in place to uphold those freedoms but the governments of many other countries do not – even many of those countries who loudly profess freedom.

When this news item hit a few days ago, Rael pointed out:

“This is wonderful. The beauty of the US Constitution is once more seen. Unfortunately, I am quite sure that in countries like France, Belgium, Quebec and Switzerland where religious minorities are persecuted, this great legal victory for religious freedom will not be reported as big front page news by the same media that reported the terrible lies to begin with – lies about this religious minority which caused the illegal removal of children simply by calling it a dangerous cult and other defamatory rumors and articles. These media were happy to print the lies and will be much quieter about the truth. I also hope this LDS organization will be able to sue all these media for libeling their group.”