A veto to let die

Potential lives more important than existing ones.... unbelievable!

Evacuations in Lebanon - Benevolent Civilian Rescue or Simple apartheid?

Are foreigners more important than national civilians

If Zidane had attended a Raelian Seminar...

he would not have disgraced France

True Christian cannot be in favor of nuclear weapons

nineteen bishops expressed their opposition

Stem cell scientists welcome in Heaven says RAEL

It is time to stop applying \"go forth and multiply\"

Raelian Seminars... because the “land of toys” is in us

in Canada from July 16th to July 23rd

Our support to Diane Blaine

Self love, the first necessary step for loving others

Support to Mariela Castro

What matters is love

To increase the world's population is a crime against Humanity

the new trend in Japanese population is great