Sean Penn Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement

For his unconditional support of non-violence and respect of life

Study shows positive impact of biotech crops

A ten year impressive record

The isRaeli Raelian Movement about to open a Rabbinical school

to welcome young ex-orthodox Jews and others

Rael nominates Eyal Sivan Honorary Guide for his movie "Route 181"

The hatred of Israelis towards Palestinians fdoesn't go the otehr way around

Rael supports the right for GM Food Companies to make their plants sterile

Being sterile, they wont be able to escape and contaminate the other crop :-)

About Bush wanting to keep America safe

The only way to save the world is non-violence

The planet needs more Gandhis and no more Bush

it will take several generations to repair

Rael Takes Blasphemy Challenge

There is no holy spirit