Apartheid in Switzerland !!!!

21 Feb, 2005
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Rael starts a war against Switzerland's racial discrimination laws

Obp Convention Rome 2 Its true, and it seems that no one in the world knows about it, but it is still perfectly legal under Swiss law to discriminate against serving or hiring depending on ones race or religion.

Recently a member of the Raelian Religion (www.rael.org) was denied a beer in a bar in Geneva, Switzerland because of his religion. This is no exaggeration! It happened! He sued the bar and lost, both in first case and the appeal, then went to the Federal Tribunal, which is the Swiss version of the Supreme Court - and lost again! Even worse he was penalized by having to pay $3000 in court fees!

After this event, Rael, leader of the Raelian Religion asked the Swiss attorney if there was any higher authority able to reverse this decision, and the answer was no and the attorney explained that Swiss while law makes it a crime to physically attack someone for their race or religion, but that there is no civil law protecting the rights of races or religions! Its true! Recently a black woman was refused a job because she was black, went through all the legal procedures and also lost for the same reason. Can you imagine the lawsuits if this were to happen in the US?!

So this is perfectly legal in Switzerland in the beginning of the 21st century to write "forbidden to Jews", " "forbidden to blacks" or "forbidden to gays" on the door of bars or shops !!! All the world must react to force Switzerland - which was still recently harboring the money stolen from Jews by the nazis in its banks, to change these scandalous laws and adopt a legislation making civil discrimination what it is: a monstrous crime. Rael ask all countries, banks and businesses of the world and especially peoples belonging to racial, religious or sexual minorities to

boycott Swiss products and tourism as long as this country doesn't change these laws and to protest these medieval laws by writing and emailing the Swiss government.